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Update 12 January 2022

The Ride Organising Committee met a few days ago to make a final decision on whether we are able to proceed with arrangements for the 2022 Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride.

The team is committed to organising the ride when it is safe to do so and have been heartened by the many expressions of support from riders following recent communications with you. However, it is also important that we give appropriate consideration to the practicalities and risks associated with delivering a large, complex event in the current environment.

The recent significant growth in community transmission of COVID-19 across both NSW and Queensland has given rise to significant concerns about the wisdom of continuing to plan for the event this year. Of particular concern is the impact case numbers are having on isolation guidelines, the health care sector and supply chains in other areas of the economy, including hospitality.

At this stage, it is not clear when the current wave may peak or how long the after-effects will take to ease. There is the added risk that new variants may cause further impacts with little to no warning.

We are also very conscious of the potential impact on our riders and on our team of volunteers who are the backbone of the Sydney to Surfers Ride.

Unfortunately, these risks and the ongoing uncertainty make it difficult to commit further financial and other resources to planning such a major event. The committee considered alternatives, including the possibility of running a shorter ride or a different route, but substantially the same risks remain.

With a great deal of reluctance, the committee concluded that it is not possible for Engadine Rotary to stage a Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride this year and the ride is therefore cancelled for 2022.

We hope to be able to resume the Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride in 2023.

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About the ride

The annual Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride is Australia’s premier long distance charity cycling event. The ride is in it’s 22nd year and has raised well over $3million for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets.

Our cause

Robbo’s Ride raises much needed funds for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets. 

Youth Off The Streets supports chronically homeless and drug addicted young Australians as they work to turn their lives around. 

The goal is that these young people will leave their care drug free, with a high school education, living skills and a full or part time job in hand. 

There is simply no better cause.

Our major sponsor

Macsim Fastening Systems are delighted to be involved in the ride – as a leading supplier of fasteners we know it’s the little things that hold the big things together! Our contribution is one of the little things and I just want to acknowledge the big things: the work of Rotary Club of Engadine, the Youth of the Streets team and the riders. 

I congratulate them on making such a big difference in the lives of so many deserving young people.


Fraser Mackay-Sim

Our sponsors

Our riders say . . . .

The number of people who continue to come back year on year to do this ride is a testament to Rotary and Youth Off the Streets. Seeing the young people thrive on the challenge and conquer the ride is truly inspiring, even for experienced riders. I can't wait to come back again next year!!
John D
Absolutely amazing ride which takes in some fantastic sights along the way. The team that support you daily are awesome and you are treated like a rockstar the entire ride. No where else can we get supported riding of this quality!
Kelly S
I love this ride - its atmosphere, its purpose, its community and its challenge. Overall it's an enjoyable, demanding event that achieves great outcomes - both for the YOTS riders, and for the funding of YOTS. I look forward to many more years.
Sam P

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Robbo's ride

The first Sydney to Surfers Ride was staged by the Rotary Club of Engadine in 1999 to raise funds for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets. Since then, this popular annual event has raised more than $3 million to support the important programs delivered by YOTS team.

The Ride was the brainchild of Rotary member, Ken “Robbo” Robinson who was the inspiration and driving force behind its continued success for many years. Sadly, Robbo passed away in 2016.

In his memory, Fraser Mackay-Sim (Managing Director, of the ride’s key sponsor, Macsim Fastenings) asked that the name of the event be changed to acknowledge Robbo’s pivotal influence which sustained the ride for so many years.

As all who knew Robbo would confirm, Ken was a larger than life person who always had the glass half full view on life and his inspiration and vision was second to none. He was a positive influence on all who knew him and with the addition of his nickname ‘Robbo’ to the name of the ride, he will always be remembered as the  pioneer of the Sydney to Surfers “Robbo’s” Ride.